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Download the latest LP “Coming Home”

Download this LP for free. I have been sitting here the past few days struggling with pneumonia and I decided to do something constructive with my time. I could hardly breath so I decided to gather some songs from the past that were glorifying Christ and positivity. Some people have heard the tracks and others haven’t ether way it is a good way of showing the direction the music is going in the future. Its time to stop making excuses and live for the KING!


Important Update (Testimony)

Hey everyone. I took time away to gather my thoughts and figure out how I wanted my future to proceed, moving forward from this point on. Everything was on track, tours were moving forward, albums were selling, the websites were getting a crazy amount of hits. So what was wrong? My heart just wasn’t into it. To understand this you have to go back many moons ago when I first started rapping. I got into the game as a “Christian” artist. I was raised in the church so I would stand on stage and freestyle and overall just have a good time. I had very strong faith and a heart of gold. Of course I was still a kid and doing dumb things that God probably wasn’t proud of, but I tried. That all changed when I was was ripped away from my family and sent to live on the other side of the country. It didn’t help that I was a sophomore and everyone I knew was in Michigan. It didn’t help that my grandmother was murdered and my voice of reason was gone. A lot of things piled on top of each other and after that moment I cried. Then I just snapped. I had lost hope and faith. In the summers back up in Michigan it was all about getting money, partying, and doing absolutely dumb things that by the grace of God I didn’t end up in prison or dead. That is not an understatement in the least. I kept my faith in God, but like a stubborn little kid I wanted to do what I wanted to do. I still prayed every night but I never got the right response. I started becoming of the world and so did my music. I used excuses like I was doing some good with my music, but in reality I just needed something to voice all my anger, pain, and frustrations out on. Everything did a 180 and slowly I was no better than your average secular artist who rhymed. Of course I still had some Christian values and dropped tracks with references to God and life.

This brings us to the era of Kryptonite. From 2008 until 2012 I did over 300+ shows, went all over the country, sold 20k street albums and was having a blast doing it. I had gone through a few managers but everything was still perfect. Well, one day I started having massive anxiety and panic problems and ended up in a mental ward; I was lost. When I got back out things still went on as usual and I just dealt with the problems with high dosage medication. It was okay for about 3 years with a few relapses here and there. I made a little change and changed by name to Jay Matthews and reemerged with a top 40 sound and slightly less anger in my rhymes. Some people were a fan of the change and some weren’t. But the local hip hop scene became boring to me and I started focusing outside of my state.

This brings us up to about 8 months ago. I had just come back from a tour that ended at SXSW, about to drop an EP, a new music video, and head back out on the road. The massive panic attacks and anxiety started hitting again. I had a few unexplainable things happen that you would probably call me crazy for. But I had alot of time to think and get my head together and I realized one thing; I was a lost soul. Of course I had a great Fiancé, an amazing son, and supportive family, but a major piece was still missing. Eventually I came to the realization that I went way off the path I wanted to go on and I needed to have a long hard talk with God. I scrapped the video, dropped the EP with no promotion, and decided it was time to go back to my roots. Get right with God and make music that the 14 year old me would be proud of. That my Grandma up in heaven can look down upon without disgust. I’m slowly figuring out my way back by learning how not to put hostility in tracks, which in itself is challenging because I love the competition. I love metaphors and just going for the throat with rhymes, but I have to find a nice middle. I am coming back with a fresh face and a new way of thinking. Expect some new music and visuals soon and expect it still to be hard hitting, witty rhyming and great overall hip hop. I may lose fans, and I may gain some new ones but one thing I know is this: Even if no one listens, my heart is healing and my heart is right with God. At the end of the day I hope everyone can feel I’m just as broken as most of them and I relate to everyone who is struggling with their faith. #GodBless

My One Shot Competition

Hope Everyone had a great holiday season! Welcome to 2015 and to start it off Jay has entered a new competition to become apart of a Hip Hop reality TV show on MTV to win $100,000 and a Record Deal. He Needs YOUR votes now. so if you have a facebook click on the icon below and vote for Jay and anyone else you think deserves to be in it! you can even see the video below and tell what you think about the freestyle bars he dropped for the submission


Artwork for “On The Gridiron” EP

Here is the Cover art for “On The Gridiron” dropping September 7th. ONTHEGRIDIRON

NEW EP Dedicated To Football


Jay Matthews just announced his latest EP, “On the Gridiron” coming out on September 7th, 2014, and opening day of the NFL regular season. As football season approaches, Jay wants to share his love of football with the world and the best way he knows how is through music. After his debut album Dreams & Microphones last year Jay Matthews is back with a new EP which features 6 American football themed tracks. These new tracks will get your heart pumping and make you push yourself to the limits in life.

“The album started out as an EP dedicated to my love of football but has slowly grown into something much bigger. It’s a motivational tool which I hope pushes people to give everything they’ve got, no matter what sport or life situation they are in,” says Jay Matthews. In “Moment of Greatness” Jay talks about people who are not only great players on the field but are also inspiring role models in real life. These people never gave up their beliefs for a game or on a daily basis. They hold themselves to a higher moral code.

On the Gridiron includes a song titled “Champions Anthem”, in which Jay smoothly names all 32 teams in the NFL. It goes from hard hitting anthems to a heartfelt song titled “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” which discusses the belief that most people have, that dreams happen overnight. They’ll never know all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into succeeding in this industry. As most of Jay’s music this album is very upbeat with just a touch of hard-core hip hop mixed in. In “Underdogs” you hear the distinct flavor which has made him such a major underground artist by using hard hitting verses which show his lyrical ability.

So if you are a hard core football fan or not, you will find something relatable to your own life. Jay dedicates this EP to every single person that gives it there all to succeed and to reach their dreams.

Letter From Jay

Dear Fans,

Most people get into the music game for all the wrong reasons. They want the money, fame, girls, mansions but they never see the bigger picture. I think that’s how music, especially the rap genre, has lost a lot of its heart. I do this music because I love the feeling I get every time I walk into a studio. Every time I step on stage and lose myself in the beats. People forget how the feeling was when they first heard that instrumental that made all the words just flow out of their finger tips right on the page with little effort. They forget how amazing it was to walk into that studio and put the headphones on and hear it played back perfectly clear. At the end of the day I may never have a million dollars in my bank account or a bentley in my driveway and I would be perfectly okay with that. Music is in my soul, it flows in my blood stream and is apart of me as much as my liver and kidneys are. Every time someone says your music has so much passion behind it and so much emotion that revives me and makes me write even more personal tracks. I have a few new projects coming out one is called “On the Gridiron” and the others will be a few singles that are some of the greatest tracks since Winters Heart was released. I’m only perfecting my craft as time goes by and realizing the older I get that the sales don’t really matter to me its the enjoyment I get from doing it; the rest is just a bonus. I will never stop. So, when you hear a 50 year old man still rhyming and you think he should have quit and gave up know this; I am not doing it to be famous. I am doing it because that what makes me alive!

Sincerly, Jay

Jay Matthews Live Performance

Many people have never had the chance to see Jay live yet either because of not having tour dates in their town or because they couldn’t make it out to a show. Whatever the reason may be Jay has one of the most positive energy filled sets in Hip Hop. Jay always has the best time performing and the crowd reacts and gets involved every time. One thing about him that is awesome to see is no matter if it’s 5, 50, or 5000 people in the crowd he gives it his all. This video was filmed early in the day and as the set went on it began to fill up. Even when those first people were sitting out there, Jay gave it his all and gave them a sweet performance. Here is a brief highlight clip of Jays performance and hopefully next time you can make it out!

Jay Matthews Official T-Shirt is Available

After much hype, the first Jay Matthews Summer T-Shirt is available! The Official Store is still being set up, but for the moment you can purchase via Paypal, Western Union, Check, Money Order, or if you’re in the Grand Rapids area then cash is okay.  To get yours, you can send an email to with your information and size and you will be contacted with purchasing instructions! #JayMatthewsWorldwide
BeFunky_RBM Tshirt

Genesis Tour


So after about a year off Jay is heading out back on tour! Starting in March Jay will be hitting dates all across the U.S. on his Genesis Tour. He is joined by fellow artist Mazaradi B and reuniting with long time friend and fellow Grand Rapids Native DO$$ at SXSW. Jay will also be sharing the stage with legendary artist Chuck Mosley on some of dates to give a wide variety of Hip Hop and Rock. “Their will be something for everyone to enjoy on this tour you can expect a Warped Tour type vibe instead of the usual straight hiphop” Look for a wide variety of songs from Jays Dark tracks all the way to his fun loving party anthems. You will be able to pick up physical copies of both his latest albums and even receive a signed copy limited edition Dreams & Microphones Album. ” I will be hitting the streets in every major city we are performing in giving away free CD’s and hanging out with the locals” Be sure to get tickets at the door to come to these events and be on the lookout for more dates as there released. 

Genesis Project is here


For Genesis Project, Jay Matthews, went back to the format he began with; using hard hitting beats, thought provoking lyrics, catchy hooks and leaving nothing to the imagination regarding his faith and moral values. Many of Jay’s earlier fans and new fans will find themselves lost again in the amazing talent of Mr. Matthews. The main objective for his “Genesis Project” is to go back to his roots and doing what he does best. In the intro you see the outline for what the whole album is based upon.  He calls out to anyone who dares to challenge his faith and passion for his craft. In “Can’t Believe” Jay is ready to challenge anyone that loves to preach nonsense & ignorance to today’s youth. Today’s current radio artists lead the youth into darkness, while they sit in their million dollar homes and cash in on the violence. The song “I Can Be the Dark Night” states that he can save the day. “On My Mind” is a glimpse into Jay’s thought process. You can feel everything that is going through his head. As with every other Matthews project, there are songs directed towards his faith. In “Calling To You” the listener gets to hear a conversation between Jay and God. The song “Earn Your Wings”, shows how people think they’ve earned there space in the sky without even putting forth any effort or thought. “You have to earn your way if you wanna fly” Tracks like “Shooting Stars” and “Let’s Go To War” brings to life the feeling of how rap began. “If you think you are better go and pick up a pen”. He is ready to go to war with anyone who dares to think they are better on the local level or within the whole industry. “I’m not trying to be the best locally, ya’ll can fight for that, I wanna be the best worldwide”Superstar Dreaming” is almost a daydream of Mr. Matthews; sitting in his world thinking of how the other half lives. It’s like he’s calling out the artists who use there fame to party and live for themselves, instead of helping others. “Hey Baby” is about taking Hip Hop and putting it into the form of a beautiful woman. So much beauty can be turned into something ugly in the heart. The song speaks about how we love to say we are better than the next man. We love to smooth talk and speak over the next guy, every chance we get. In this track Jay turns his charm on to the beautiful women and tells her that with him she would never feel be let down and that he is the best man for her. Every artist feels they are the best at what they do, even if it’s a little too prideful.  With the amazing live drums and guitars on this album, this is sure to be another classic under Jay’s belt. You feel as if he has been reborn to make his fans think and to get hooked on his new tracks. Jay Matthews is back! As for the people who have never heard of Jay, this is a great time to become a fan. Not only is it a great album but it is being given away for free. This makes a great thank you or Christmas gift to everyone that supports and loves Jay’s music. Get ready for some videos and new singles to drop in the coming months. Stay up to date on for all the latest information.




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