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Music for Film & TV

Just recently I have been given the opportunity to work on some film and TV projects and it has been nothing short of amazing. Most of the music I have out there is sample free and can be used for any of your projects. From YouTube and Facebook all the way to the big screen theatre no project is to small or large.  My team can work with ANY budget you may have and if there is a not a track that fits what you are looking for fill out the form on what needs you have and I’m sure I can make a custom track to suit your project. Music Supervisors, Producers, and Joe who makes projects on the weekends all have an opportunity to get great music at a cost they can afford. so reach out now!


Booking Summer ’17

Summer is Here!

So that means festivals, block parties, special events, and church get togethers. Jay is ready to perform at your event today! If that is just performing or sharing his testimony your event will be special and one of a kind. Any budget can be worked with but you need to send that message! Bring an artist that is full of Christ and can also make the party come alive! dates are first come first serve so be sure to get in contact as soon as you know your event date. We can also bring a few of our friends if your interested. If sending an email isn’t the route you want to go you can speak with someone or text to (616) 644-4145. We look forward to hearing from you. God Bless

Shamar – “Power of Love” Feat. Jay Matthews

About a year ago I linked up with Gospel Artist Shamar who reached out to get a verse on his powerful track Power of Love. A year later he reached out saying he wanted to get a video shot. So I loaded up the equipment and headed out to film. The final product came out amazing showing the world we all need to come together put aside our pain and struggles and fight for Love. I hope this holds you over until the next track drops from When Doves Cry.

NEW EP Dedicated To Football


Jay Matthews just announced his latest EP, “On the Gridiron” coming out on September 7th, 2014, and opening day of the NFL regular season. As football season approaches, Jay wants to share his love of football with the world and the best way he knows how is through music. After his debut album Dreams & Microphones last year Jay Matthews is back with a new EP which features 6 American football themed tracks. These new tracks will get your heart pumping and make you push yourself to the limits in life.

“The album started out as an EP dedicated to my love of football but has slowly grown into something much bigger. It’s a motivational tool which I hope pushes people to give everything they’ve got, no matter what sport or life situation they are in,” says Jay Matthews. In “Moment of Greatness” Jay talks about people who are not only great players on the field but are also inspiring role models in real life. These people never gave up their beliefs for a game or on a daily basis. They hold themselves to a higher moral code.

On the Gridiron includes a song titled “Champions Anthem”, in which Jay smoothly names all 32 teams in the NFL. It goes from hard hitting anthems to a heartfelt song titled “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” which discusses the belief that most people have, that dreams happen overnight. They’ll never know all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into succeeding in this industry. As most of Jay’s music this album is very upbeat with just a touch of hard-core hip hop mixed in. In “Underdogs” you hear the distinct flavor which has made him such a major underground artist by using hard hitting verses which show his lyrical ability.

So if you are a hard core football fan or not, you will find something relatable to your own life. Jay dedicates this EP to every single person that gives it there all to succeed and to reach their dreams.

“Hey Baby” Official Music Video

“Hey Baby”  is the second music video and third single to be dropped off of Genesis Project dropping 12.20.13. The song is  about taking Hip Hop and putting it into the form of a beautiful woman. So much beauty can be turned into something ugly if not taken care of properly. The song speaks about how we love to say we are better than the next man. We love to smooth talk and speak over the next guy, every chance we get. In this track Jay turns his charm on to the beautiful women and tells her that with him she would never feel let down and that he is the best man for her. Every artist feels they are the best at what they do, even if it’s a little too prideful but at the end of the day everyone wants to be the best at what you do.