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Thank You Everyone who has been rocking with me! It has been a Journey.

I have been dropping new music that you can check out on all the online streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music. I also have been working with music supervisors and producers to get my music in film and TV. It has been a battle. There have been a couple of close calls and a few things I have landed such as MTV and a commercial. I say this to say if you need any music for these reasons be sure to fill out the contact form. I have tons of music and with a home studio I can turn around music pretty quick. I’m not stopping anytime soon! I might not perform like I did before but my music is only getting stronger!

Thank You Again! – Jay


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1988 Album Complete3

Jay Matthews’ new album 1988 is raw and spiritually-inspired. It goes to dark places to uncover light and places itself as a formidable force in Rap. This is the work of a gifted artists who’s ready to tell his story and give something fresh to his fans.

I am proud to say that the album has been streamed over 400k times on Spotify alone. Thank You for all the support.

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“Rebuild the game track by track, brick by brick, the difference from you is my design will stick.” Appreciate everyone that has been building with me. July 19th I got something special coming.