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Jay has started a new project called ‪#‎BringItBackFridays‬ and will be releasing one song every week for a year that has been released in the past that you may or may not have heard. They are all free downloads every week and there even is a few in that were only released as bonus tracks! “I’m still going to drop Genesis Project this will be just be a refresher for fans who have been around awhile and new fans to enjoy for the first time.. and did I mention they will be free to download!” So Much music was released under “Kryptonite” and some don’t even know he changed his name so it will be a good refresher and bring back some old memories. You can find a recap week by week right here of every song that is being dropped. To view every track that has been released so far head over to the #BringItBackFridays playlist CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Week 7 “Coming Soon”

For Week 6 Its nothing but “All Eyes on Me” A title made popular by the late 2pac. This track is a very deep track and was on Jays Mixtape “War of the Ages vol 2 and the re-release War of the ages.

For Week 5 Jay is bringing back “21 Gun Salute” Ft. the one and only DO$$. This track is a classic and anyone who loves the true essence of Hip Hop will appreciate and love this song! “Give a Salute aint no need for a why.”

For Week 4 The song is “Superhero” a song that tells about everyone needing a superhero in there life. Someone that will protect them from the world and at the end of the day hold them down.

For Week 3 The song is “Glimmer of Light.” This is the song that started it off and was found on Jays First mixtape/album. Take a listen and be sure to comment, like, and share with anyone who could enjoy the music!

For Week 2 Jay is bringing back “Burning (1000 Degrees)” a very dark track that was found on his second mixtape/album.  “This song is for anyone who has a lot of anger and pain in their life right now and needs a song to relate to.”

For Week 1 Jay is bringing back a classic that was found on his second mixtape/album. “Brick By Brick” was produced by Sean Divine. Hope you enjoy the first song and if not there is more to come! You can also request one that you yourself enjoyed in the past.