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Genesis Project is here


For Genesis Project, Jay Matthews, went back to the format he began with; using hard hitting beats, thought provoking lyrics, catchy hooks and leaving nothing to the imagination regarding his faith and moral values. Many of Jay’s earlier fans and new fans will find themselves lost again in the amazing talent of Mr. Matthews. The main objective for his “Genesis Project” is to go back to his roots and doing what he does best. In the intro you see the outline for what the whole album is based upon.  He calls out to anyone who dares to challenge his faith and passion for his craft. In “Can’t Believe” Jay is ready to challenge anyone that loves to preach nonsense & ignorance to today’s youth. Today’s current radio artists lead the youth into darkness, while they sit in their million dollar homes and cash in on the violence. The song “I Can Be the Dark Night” states that he can save the day. “On My Mind” is a glimpse into Jay’s thought process. You can feel everything that is going through his head. As with every other Matthews project, there are songs directed towards his faith. In “Calling To You” the listener gets to hear a conversation between Jay and God. The song “Earn Your Wings”, shows how people think they’ve earned there space in the sky without even putting forth any effort or thought. “You have to earn your way if you wanna fly” Tracks like “Shooting Stars” and “Let’s Go To War” brings to life the feeling of how rap began. “If you think you are better go and pick up a pen”. He is ready to go to war with anyone who dares to think they are better on the local level or within the whole industry. “I’m not trying to be the best locally, ya’ll can fight for that, I wanna be the best worldwide”Superstar Dreaming” is almost a daydream of Mr. Matthews; sitting in his world thinking of how the other half lives. It’s like he’s calling out the artists who use there fame to party and live for themselves, instead of helping others. “Hey Baby” is about taking Hip Hop and putting it into the form of a beautiful woman. So much beauty can be turned into something ugly in the heart. The song speaks about how we love to say we are better than the next man. We love to smooth talk and speak over the next guy, every chance we get. In this track Jay turns his charm on to the beautiful women and tells her that with him she would never feel be let down and that he is the best man for her. Every artist feels they are the best at what they do, even if it’s a little too prideful.  With the amazing live drums and guitars on this album, this is sure to be another classic under Jay’s belt. You feel as if he has been reborn to make his fans think and to get hooked on his new tracks. Jay Matthews is back! As for the people who have never heard of Jay, this is a great time to become a fan. Not only is it a great album but it is being given away for free. This makes a great thank you or Christmas gift to everyone that supports and loves Jay’s music. Get ready for some videos and new singles to drop in the coming months. Stay up to date on for all the latest information.




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