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NEW EP Dedicated To Football


Jay Matthews just announced his latest EP, “On the Gridiron” coming out on September 7th, 2014, and opening day of the NFL regular season. As football season approaches, Jay wants to share his love of football with the world and the best way he knows how is through music. After his debut album Dreams & Microphones last year Jay Matthews is back with a new EP which features 6 American football themed tracks. These new tracks will get your heart pumping and make you push yourself to the limits in life.

“The album started out as an EP dedicated to my love of football but has slowly grown into something much bigger. It’s a motivational tool which I hope pushes people to give everything they’ve got, no matter what sport or life situation they are in,” says Jay Matthews. In “Moment of Greatness” Jay talks about people who are not only great players on the field but are also inspiring role models in real life. These people never gave up their beliefs for a game or on a daily basis. They hold themselves to a higher moral code.

On the Gridiron includes a song titled “Champions Anthem”, in which Jay smoothly names all 32 teams in the NFL. It goes from hard hitting anthems to a heartfelt song titled “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” which discusses the belief that most people have, that dreams happen overnight. They’ll never know all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into succeeding in this industry. As most of Jay’s music this album is very upbeat with just a touch of hard-core hip hop mixed in. In “Underdogs” you hear the distinct flavor which has made him such a major underground artist by using hard hitting verses which show his lyrical ability.

So if you are a hard core football fan or not, you will find something relatable to your own life. Jay dedicates this EP to every single person that gives it there all to succeed and to reach their dreams.


Jay Matthews Live Performance

Many people have never had the chance to see Jay live yet either because of not having tour dates in their town or because they couldn’t make it out to a show. Whatever the reason may be Jay has one of the most positive energy filled sets in Hip Hop. Jay always has the best time performing and the crowd reacts and gets involved every time. One thing about him that is awesome to see is no matter if it’s 5, 50, or 5000 people in the crowd he gives it his all. This video was filmed early in the day and as the set went on it began to fill up. Even when those first people were sitting out there, Jay gave it his all and gave them a sweet performance. Here is a brief highlight clip of Jays performance and hopefully next time you can make it out!

Jay Matthews Official T-Shirt is Available

After much hype, the first Jay Matthews Summer T-Shirt is available! The Official Store is still being set up, but for the moment you can purchase via Paypal, Western Union, Check, Money Order, or if you’re in the Grand Rapids area then cash is okay.  To get yours, you can send an email to with your information and size and you will be contacted with purchasing instructions! #JayMatthewsWorldwide
BeFunky_RBM Tshirt



Jay has started a new project called ‪#‎BringItBackFridays‬ and will be releasing one song every week for a year that has been released in the past that you may or may not have heard. They are all free downloads every week and there even is a few in that were only released as bonus tracks! “I’m still going to drop Genesis Project this will be just be a refresher for fans who have been around awhile and new fans to enjoy for the first time.. and did I mention they will be free to download!” So Much music was released under “Kryptonite” and some don’t even know he changed his name so it will be a good refresher and bring back some old memories. You can find a recap week by week right here of every song that is being dropped. To view every track that has been released so far head over to the #BringItBackFridays playlist CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Week 7 “Coming Soon”

For Week 6 Its nothing but “All Eyes on Me” A title made popular by the late 2pac. This track is a very deep track and was on Jays Mixtape “War of the Ages vol 2 and the re-release War of the ages.

For Week 5 Jay is bringing back “21 Gun Salute” Ft. the one and only DO$$. This track is a classic and anyone who loves the true essence of Hip Hop will appreciate and love this song! “Give a Salute aint no need for a why.”

For Week 4 The song is “Superhero” a song that tells about everyone needing a superhero in there life. Someone that will protect them from the world and at the end of the day hold them down.

For Week 3 The song is “Glimmer of Light.” This is the song that started it off and was found on Jays First mixtape/album. Take a listen and be sure to comment, like, and share with anyone who could enjoy the music!

For Week 2 Jay is bringing back “Burning (1000 Degrees)” a very dark track that was found on his second mixtape/album.  “This song is for anyone who has a lot of anger and pain in their life right now and needs a song to relate to.”

For Week 1 Jay is bringing back a classic that was found on his second mixtape/album. “Brick By Brick” was produced by Sean Divine. Hope you enjoy the first song and if not there is more to come! You can also request one that you yourself enjoyed in the past.