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Booking Summer ’17

Summer is Here!

So that means festivals, block parties, special events, and church get togethers. Jay is ready to perform at your event today! If that is just performing or sharing his testimony your event will be special and one of a kind. Any budget can be worked with but you need to send that message! Bring an artist that is full of Christ and can also make the party come alive! dates are first come first serve so be sure to get in contact as soon as you know your event date. We can also bring a few of our friends if your interested. If sending an email isn’t the route you want to go you can speak with someone or text to (616) 644-4145. We look forward to hearing from you. God Bless


When Doves Cry (Feat. Stephanie Dietrich)

Around the holidays there is so much joy going around but some people are struggling with pain that cannot be seen. Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide are high and some people just need to know that someone is listening, that someone cares, God is always with you and when you feel you have no one to talk with you can talk to him. I battle with my own personal demons and will always be here to talk.

Download the latest LP “Coming Home”

Download this LP for free. I have been sitting here the past few days struggling with pneumonia and I decided to do something constructive with my time. I could hardly breath so I decided to gather some songs from the past that were glorifying Christ and positivity. Some people have heard the tracks and others haven’t ether way it is a good way of showing the direction the music is going in the future. Its time to stop making excuses and live for the KING!