Genesis Tour


So after about a year off Jay is heading out back on tour! Starting in March Jay will be hitting dates all across the U.S. on his Genesis Tour. He is joined by fellow artist Mazaradi B and reuniting with long time friend and fellow Grand Rapids Native DO$$ at SXSW. Jay will also be sharing the stage with legendary artist Chuck Mosley on some of dates to give a wide variety of Hip Hop and Rock. “Their will be something for everyone to enjoy on this tour you can expect a Warped Tour type vibe instead of the usual straight hiphop” Look for a wide variety of songs from Jays Dark tracks all the way to his fun loving party anthems. You will be able to pick up physical copies of both his latest albums and even receive a signed copy limited edition Dreams & Microphones Album. ” I will be hitting the streets in every major city we are performing in giving away free CD’s and hanging out with the locals” Be sure to get tickets at the door to come to these events and be on the lookout for more dates as there released. 

Explanation of Controversial Image


So recently I released a photo of a gun being pointed to my chin and an image of heavens gates in the lenses of my glasses. A lot of discussion has been going on about what the image could mean. Some have found a deeper message within the image, while others cannot see past the gun. I have had many conversations from “Are you going to kill yourself?” and “Are you condoning gun violence” all the way to “This image is very powerful and meant something more to me then what others see.” So what exactly was this image intended for? It was actually created to portray the idea that so many of today’s artists mentally kill themselves with an image of a false heaven. Many artists create this persona, a complete opposite of their true self, to get to their image of Heaven. They “kill” who they are as a person and sell their soul to get the money, fame, and lifestyle they can only imagine is heaven. I, for one, am not into selling your beliefs and morals for fame, so I wanted to put into a picture image how I visualize alot of these artists today. However, that was not the only reason the image was created; it has a double meaning that is close to my heart. The image is tied into a very personal track that is being created for the next album, which talks about my  struggles in the past with anxiety, depression, and at one point being placed briefly into a mental institution for thoughts of suicide. The track will be just as powerful as the impact of the image I have created. I in no way, shape, or form, condone violence upon oneself or anyone around you. I never want anyone to think that I would be ok with that. Whatever you take from it, I hope you can see past the physical object of a gun, and find a deeper meaning within it. When the song is released you will see the picture in a clear light, but until then keep  your heart clear of those dark thoughts. And if you find that those dark thoughts are overbearing and nagging, then reach out to me personally. I would love to help or direct you to the people that have helped me along the way.

Genesis Project is here


For Genesis Project, Jay Matthews, went back to the format he began with; using hard hitting beats, thought provoking lyrics, catchy hooks and leaving nothing to the imagination regarding his faith and moral values. Many of Jay’s earlier fans and new fans will find themselves lost again in the amazing talent of Mr. Matthews. The main objective for his “Genesis Project” is to go back to his roots and doing what he does best. In the intro you see the outline for what the whole album is based upon.  He calls out to anyone who dares to challenge his faith and passion for his craft. In “Can’t Believe” Jay is ready to challenge anyone that loves to preach nonsense & ignorance to today’s youth. Today’s current radio artists lead the youth into darkness, while they sit in their million dollar homes and cash in on the violence. The song “I Can Be the Dark Night” states that he can save the day. “On My Mind” is a glimpse into Jay’s thought process. You can feel everything that is going through his head. As with every other Matthews project, there are songs directed towards his faith. In “Calling To You” the listener gets to hear a conversation between Jay and God. The song “Earn Your Wings”, shows how people think they’ve earned there space in the sky without even putting forth any effort or thought. “You have to earn your way if you wanna fly” Tracks like “Shooting Stars” and “Let’s Go To War” brings to life the feeling of how rap began. “If you think you are better go and pick up a pen”. He is ready to go to war with anyone who dares to think they are better on the local level or within the whole industry. “I’m not trying to be the best locally, ya’ll can fight for that, I wanna be the best worldwide”Superstar Dreaming” is almost a daydream of Mr. Matthews; sitting in his world thinking of how the other half lives. It’s like he’s calling out the artists who use there fame to party and live for themselves, instead of helping others. “Hey Baby” is about taking Hip Hop and putting it into the form of a beautiful woman. So much beauty can be turned into something ugly in the heart. The song speaks about how we love to say we are better than the next man. We love to smooth talk and speak over the next guy, every chance we get. In this track Jay turns his charm on to the beautiful women and tells her that with him she would never feel be let down and that he is the best man for her. Every artist feels they are the best at what they do, even if it’s a little too prideful.  With the amazing live drums and guitars on this album, this is sure to be another classic under Jay’s belt. You feel as if he has been reborn to make his fans think and to get hooked on his new tracks. Jay Matthews is back! As for the people who have never heard of Jay, this is a great time to become a fan. Not only is it a great album but it is being given away for free. This makes a great thank you or Christmas gift to everyone that supports and loves Jay’s music. Get ready for some videos and new singles to drop in the coming months. Stay up to date on for all the latest information.




UPON REQUEST: High Quality .WAV format send Via Filemail

“Hey Baby” Official Music Video

“Hey Baby”  is the second music video and third single to be dropped off of Genesis Project dropping 12.20.13. The song is  about taking Hip Hop and putting it into the form of a beautiful woman. So much beauty can be turned into something ugly if not taken care of properly. The song speaks about how we love to say we are better than the next man. We love to smooth talk and speak over the next guy, every chance we get. In this track Jay turns his charm on to the beautiful women and tells her that with him she would never feel let down and that he is the best man for her. Every artist feels they are the best at what they do, even if it’s a little too prideful but at the end of the day everyone wants to be the best at what you do.

Genesis Project Album Artwork and Release Date

ImageAfter almost a year after the debut album Dreams & Microphones Jay is back with another album; Genesis Project. Slated for a December 20th release it will be a great present to put under the tree with only a limited amount of physical copies being printed up. The best part is it will be available for FREE digital download. You will be able to find the links for download right here on In the coming weeks there will be numerous tracks being dropped as well as a new video for a remixed track off of the D&M album. Happy Holidays!!



Jay has started a new project called ‪#‎BringItBackFridays‬ and will be releasing one song every week for a year that has been released in the past that you may or may not have heard. They are all free downloads every week and there even is a few in that were only released as bonus tracks! “I’m still going to drop Genesis Project this will be just be a refresher for fans who have been around awhile and new fans to enjoy for the first time.. and did I mention they will be free to download!” So Much music was released under “Kryptonite” and some don’t even know he changed his name so it will be a good refresher and bring back some old memories. You can find a recap week by week right here of every song that is being dropped. To view every track that has been released so far head over to the #BringItBackFridays playlist CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Week 7 “Coming Soon”

For Week 6 Its nothing but “All Eyes on Me” A title made popular by the late 2pac. This track is a very deep track and was on Jays Mixtape “War of the Ages vol 2 and the re-release War of the ages.

For Week 5 Jay is bringing back “21 Gun Salute” Ft. the one and only DO$$. This track is a classic and anyone who loves the true essence of Hip Hop will appreciate and love this song! “Give a Salute aint no need for a why.”

For Week 4 The song is “Superhero” a song that tells about everyone needing a superhero in there life. Someone that will protect them from the world and at the end of the day hold them down.

For Week 3 The song is “Glimmer of Light.” This is the song that started it off and was found on Jays First mixtape/album. Take a listen and be sure to comment, like, and share with anyone who could enjoy the music!

For Week 2 Jay is bringing back “Burning (1000 Degrees)” a very dark track that was found on his second mixtape/album.  “This song is for anyone who has a lot of anger and pain in their life right now and needs a song to relate to.”

For Week 1 Jay is bringing back a classic that was found on his second mixtape/album. “Brick By Brick” was produced by Sean Divine. Hope you enjoy the first song and if not there is more to come! You can also request one that you yourself enjoyed in the past.


Jay Matthews – Earn Your Wings

Finally after much hype Jay Matthews has finally released his first single off of his next album Project Genesis. The first single is titled “Earn Your Wings” and is also available for FREE download. You can find the link to the song located in the video description It speaks to the dreams and aspirations of all people especially music artists. Jay believes one has to suffer through the daily trials and tribulations of ordinary life to reach their dreams of peace, freedom and happiness. The video was created and shot by Michigan based Street Alert Films.

Earn Your Wings

Check out a screenshot from the “Earn Your Wings” video shoot shot by Street Alert Films. Jay hopes to have a release date for this single within the coming weeks. This track is the first release off of Genesis Project which will be available for free download sometime this year. In the meantime you can check out Dreams & Microphones which is available for download on Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and most other online retailers.

Jay MaTT

Love Tag Apparel links up with Jay Matthews

Jeremy 057

Jay has a new deal with the clothing company, Love Tag Apparel based out of Baltimore, Maryland. The company represents a passion in abstract, graffiti art while catering to the artistic street scene and the surf, skate and snowboard communities.  Jay Matthews, as a spokesperson for the company, incorporates the company’s motto, “Live. Love. Tag” into his music, his shows and his life.

Love Tag Apparel has revamped its unique and urban clothing since tagging the company’s explosive entry into the fashion scene. – Love Tag Apparel has evolved with the incorporation of passionate and creative new team members, the endorsement and sponsorship of a number of multi-talented musicians and artists, and its eclectic new apparel. Even though the company is based in Maryland, Love Tag Apparel has started sponsoring bands from all over the country, and has therefore gained the attention of various hip hop, electronic and pop punk musicians (no screamo) and artists. It wasn’t until the addition of two new partners in 2012, that the company grew to cater to different audiences, including bands, DJs, and beat boxers.

“Love Tag Apparel encourages their endorsees, followers, and new fans to express themselves. “ Live. Love. Tag,” as stated by Lauren Roepcke of Love Tag Apparel

Dreams & Microphones

Release Date Worldwide 12/15/12

Track List

1. Intro

2. Beautiful Morning

3. Lost Souls

4. Winters Heart

5. Closed Curtains

6. Never Gunna Stop

7. Dreams & Microphones

8. Get It In

9. 8th wonder

10. Wake Up

11. Broken Innocence

12. Hey Baby

13. Lost Souls (Remix)

14. Touch The Sky

16. Rise Of  The Legend

17. Believe


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